Alain Pacadis, un h



Born in Paris in 1949, Alain Pacadis is the epitome of the glam-punk era. He was an emblematic figure of the cultural effervescence in the underground scene which rocked Paris from the mid 70's until the 80's. He was a journalist for the newspaper Libération,  and for the magazines Actuel and Gai Pied. Stylish and wild, a cross between the Sex Pistols and Baudelaire, between punk and disco, Alain Pacadis was a dandy-punk enamoured of sensual pleasure, licentiousness and luxury. He knew all the stars, and was always at the centre of the hub. This documentary goes in search of the people who rubbed elbows with him, mixing interviews and stock footage.



  • client: Plan
  • director: Gregory Hervelin / Vladimir Tybin
  • running time: 53:18
53 / 57